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Nominated for Swedish Speaker of The Year 2017.


To inspire change and help you leverage technology and digitalization.


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Talks, Television & Press

TEDx Talks

I’ve had the honor to speak at TEDxÖstersund, TEDxBerlin and TEDxSSE. My talk on TEDxÖstersund is one of the most watched internet of things talks on YouTube. At TEDxBerlin, I predict how genetic medicine will replace lifelong symptomatic treatments. At TEDxSSE, I speak about about the digital, global, tribal society.

National Television

I’m a regular guest on Swedish national television, where I discuss the effects of technology on society, industries and human behavior.

BLUE PILL OR RED PILL? ------------------------------------ Good news. The world is not going to hell. We’re doing better than ever before. And the future is brighter than ever. That’s what the evidence tells us. Simply put, the good old days were NOT better. Yet, people believe that the world is breaking apart. I think there are two reasons: 1) Media mostly reports the stuff that’s gone wrong. Disaster, war, death, corruption. I understand that journalists need to keep power in check. But this kind of reporting doesn’t give you a correct view of the world. 2) If we choose to believe the world is going to hell, it’s easier to be passive. “Why should I make an effort to do anything if armageddon is around the corner?” This line of thinking liberates us from the burden of making an effort to positively impact the world. Because it’s not worth it anyway, right? This is the moment where I show you the box with a red and blue pill. You take the blue pill — the story ends. You’ll remain passive, keep pretending that we’re doomed. You’ll be free from the burden. The burden of knowing that you can positively impact the world with your efforts. You take the red pill — you will start to see that the world is in better shape than ever and the future is even brighter. You’ll realize that with the internet, you’re only a few clicks away from collaborating with almost any other human being on the planet. You’ll realize that the internet is a godly machine that welds all human brains together to form a collective super intelligence. You’ll realize that the phrase “I don’t know how” is a thing of the past, because the internet has information about everything. You can learn to do anything you’ve ever imagined. You’ll realize that with all of these powers at your disposal, you too can join and help accelerate the progress of mankind. Because you’re a fucking superhero. Take the red pill. How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?

Posted by Ashkan Fardost on Friday, December 30, 2016

News & Radio

Discussing the effects of robots and AI taking human jobs with Sweden Secretary of Commerce Mikael Damberg.
The robot & AI takeover of middle class jobs on Swedish radio.
The current state and future of social media on Swedish radio.


…and how we can benefit from working together.

I study how technology and digitalization affect industries, society and human behavior.

After learning about your challenges on the horizon, I turn my research into a mind-opening lecture. Custom-made for you and your team. My way of working has helped Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and government agencies to acquire a new vision for the future.

My lectures provide your team with the following:

• A holistic view of the rapid progress of technology, digitalization and disruptive innovation.

• A thorough understanding of how your industry will be affected in the next 20 years.


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